Who likes my little show?



that better put a smile on someone’s face

It’s alright I guess, I’d suggest improving the background or animating or hiring someone to animate this. The background is too plain, try to add computers and such?


i was literally bored so i literally wrapped this up in 10 mins LOL

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Why is this so true though? Anyways, I suggest adding speech bubbles that you can click on because it’s better than having text above ur head where their name is supposed to go. The background is also bland, I suggest you add more colors and items to the background. Sorry for the bad wording.

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I’ll say some things.

It’s simple…

  • You could add animation to the NPC’s, bubble chat to add. Background. It’s a little bit boring without stuff. You can add Brick to open a GUI then a GUI will be open with TextLabel and in the TextLabel some words that the characters will say.

But for 10 mins it’s a little bit good…