Who to contact regarding rank?

My brother joined DevForum nearly a month ago - Verified account etc. However, he is still yet to be promoted to Member. He is an aspiring Developer himself but without the resources behind him.

Who do we contact in regards to this?

The promotion is based on the activity while you abide the rules, however I can’t define these as “exact requirements”. Try researching for the official system posts or within youtube, you might find similar sources regarding this.

For any further questions, feel free to reply back.

No need to contact staff for this however :)!


Thank you!

I know he’s spent a fair bit of time on here, but I don’t reckon it’s that amount.

Sorry for the stupid question! Is just different than when I first joined. :joy:

I don’t think it’s a good idea to provide exact numbers as those are not actually the requirements for promotion. For us to avoid visitors gaming the system, we won’t disclose the exact requirements.

Please indicate that these are only estimates.

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My mistake, I’ll be editing that post.

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I believe when I was doing some reading in the past, the exact requirements for member rank have actually been published with numerical data as of how to obtain the rank.

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Mind explaining further what you mean about this?

What post approval crap? There’s no reason to blame post approval here.

Visitor to Member is Automated
Member to Regular is Automated

If you really want to get promoted, you really have to work your way.

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I have not seen a single Top Contributor that has began as a Member and went to Top Contributor all from the automated systems, trust me I am trying my best but waiting a week for a comment to be approved on a bug AFTER it has been resolved is simply un-motivating.

I did!

It’s absolutely possible, you just have to work at it.


Actually, there have been several, in my own experience (I reviewed some lists before promotion to TC).

@ReturnedTrue is one example Profile - ReturnedTrue - Developer Forum | Roblox


What do you mean? You can view pretty much every category except Lounge with just the Visitor trust level. (don’t need Member to get access to any resources)