Why am I getting dislikes on my game Race Chronicles?

Hey guys I was wondering, why I am getting dislikes for my game. Can you please help me?

Here is my game

I dont get it! Please tell me why!!

it’s because its hard to grind, that’s why I said to u add more things to let you upgrade more faster (without gamepasses)


Yeah. What @ZzNicolas_BRZz said. It could take hours to become faster. And you should add more gamepasses. Make more maps. Make the current map bigger. Fix the race bug.

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ok! ima make you faster at beginning

Your getting dislikes because whoever is playing it doesn’t like the game. That’s what a dislike means.


I’ve noticed that the map seems to be taken from another game called CombatLeague. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this or have been told this, but I suggest you change it before they find out and send a DMCA request to take down your game.

my builder is makinga low poly maprn

Okay! Just wanted to make sure your game doesn’t get taken down!

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Hi, I might be late, but I played your game recently.

The game looks nice, it works well and that is not a reason to dislike it.
The reason people dislike is because you progress too slow. It gets boring quite fast in the beginning because you are really slow and you can barely move.

Good luck with your game, it’s really nice and I love the name.


I agree with @NinjaMinion101, as well as you don’t have anything different to offer. What makes a player want to quit all their progress in the competing game to come to yours?

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well I have races to offer and the race maps are kinda a speed run style

should I make you faster at the beginning?
Edit: the player

The races aren’t working though.