Why am I getting this error?

So I get this error

08:51:56.046 - MouseButton1Click is not a valid member of TextLabel "Players.OozyMage.PlayerGui.TasksGui.TaskBarBackground.TaskListBackground.TextLabel"

My script is

local open = true
local speed = 1

local frame = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.TaskListBackground

	if open == true then
		open = false
		frame:TweenPosition(UDim2.new(-0.724, 0,1.625, 0),'Out','Quart',speed,true)
		open = true
		frame:TweenPosition(UDim2.new(0.041, 0,1.875, 0),'Out','Quart',speed,true)

Seems like you are doing a MouseButton1Click on a TextLabel , that doesn’t exist. Change to a TextButton

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(scroll down to events)

Try using the events InputBegan and InputEnded to detect a full click. Shame they don’t have the Activated event here. You will have to “hack” cross compatibility.

Go with TextButton and use the Activated event. It seems like the only GUI object with the event.

Ohhh okay let me try brb. :heart:

Thank youu it worked! :heart: :heart:

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