Why are my posts pending?

Why are all my posts pending? I got a strike recently, is it that?

What are you trying to post, and where? The system makes some posts that have certain contents (like Discord links) pending.

I had a Discord link in it. I tried to post it twice so I thought it was a strike thingy.

Discord links are blocked by the forum’s filter, probably for the same reason they are blocked on Roblox since people under 13 can read the forum.

Oh, but are discord links allowed in posts?

Discord links and other non-whitelisted social media links are not allowed in the public categories. Technically all the domains you can’t post on the main Roblox website are not allowed on the forum, but staff condones non-social media links that are normally not allowed as long as they contribute to the discussion. (So links to imgur / gfycat / wikipedia / medium / github / etc are typically fine if they are relevant and about development)


And are discord links allowed in personal messages to users 13+?

That’s okay, just keep in mind not to use DMs to send unsolicited messages. (i.e. don’t advertise a Discord server through DMs to random users)

And when I send discord link in personal message to not 13+ user?

That’s against the Roblox terms of service. That being said, you can’t create a Developer Forum account unless you are 13+ on Roblox.