Why are players leaving my game so fast?

Hello, I made a obby game called super adventure obby and I advertised it a bit but the game doesn’t keep up players and I don’t know why a lot of people join the game and leave after playing for like 1 minute

Game Link: Escape The Loop Obby 🕛 [New] - Roblox

Thank you!


I feel like the issue that your having can be fixed if your visit count grows higher which is a crucial challenge when it comes to development. but if you really need help with engagement id suggest maybe putting boss fights in your game or putting secret obbys to unlock, but so far I think the game is great the disign is very good the creativity is good the gameplay might need a little improvement but I think this game could be succesful

  1. Opening “tips” screen took forever to load (it’s not my internet or laptop), and it misspells “Equipped”
  2. Lobby makes it very unclear on where to go to start the obby.
  3. Stages are way too easy, people will leave if all they have to do is walk and jump with no challenge.

And this isn’t going to help if you don’t have the essential game mechanics in place. You can sponsor or advertise for as much as you want and get as many players as you want, but if you have a boring game then people won’t stay.

The game looks well made though, and has an attractive thumbnail. If you get some of these issues fixed I’m sure it’ll do fine!


Thanks for the feedback but about the stages being way too easy they were really hard that I had to make them way easier because people were rage quitting at the start alot

I’m not really gonna write a full-blown review, but here are some keynotes for first impression & how you can improve it.

  • Instead of the blank loading screen, make a slideshow showing different parts of the map.

  • Map(s) have split themes, though I have not played it myself, I could tell from going from the lobby which has more of a “greek architectural design” and then going to a cartoon-themed island.

  • I would also suggest adding a “Instant-Respawn” function.

Your game overall looks fine, but for many, it can get boring quickly because it’s the same challenge, just different placement & theme.

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Generally, games with the term “Obby.” Don’t keep players interested. Try to maybe make the game’s title Super Adventure Parkour. Or add things like daily rewards and leaderboards to keep people coming back.
EDIT: Sorry if these things are already in your game, I don’t have the device at hand that has Roblox.

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