Why are some topics available to only regulars?

I noticed a few times that some topics are locked for normal developer forum members, in which counts that members have a “lower” probability of certain topics exclusive to only certain devforum ranks. I am curious on how certain topics are locked to certain trust levels.

I think that you are mainly talking about #discussion because there is no reason to post in #updates. This happens because lot’s of members aren’t experienced, and this might lead to a chaos, just like in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support where there are a lot of simple, even off-topic posts.

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The reason why certain categories and topics are available to only regulars is because they are trusted in making high quality posts/ topics and don’t need CE to review their topics and posts. Keeps the categories from collecting low quality posts which might occur if a new user is still unsure on how to make quality posts had access to such categories.


If #discussion was available to Members too, we might see a decline in the quality of the posts there.

Your post is poorly worded so im going to attempt to answer the question I believe you were trying to ask,

The only catagory that I am personally aware of which is locked to members and below is #lounge with the subcategories #lounge:off-topic and #lounge:roblox-discussion.

To my knowledge no other categories are locked from members. This is locked just to give ‘more experienced’ forum users a place to discuss things in peace without being told that we are breaking the rules for quoting what someone said.