Why are the teams functionality not working correctly? i can't figure out why

  1. having trouble with teaming functionality. i’m trying to make it to where if new players came along and touched where player1 was aka their touchpad for example, then add them to the player1 team same with player2
    and then start match when there is enough players for the match that is selected which for example would be the 2v2

  2. the issue is when enough players are in the match aka ready for a 2v2 for example it doesn’t start the match and yes i did remove the start game functionality cause idk why it won’t work this other way i tried doing so i gave up on it so it’s not finished right.

  3. i tried to change the touch event to make sure when enough players are available it will update who is on the team to then start the match and still nothing, i tried changing the touch event tried changing the updateboard function and more and i just can’t seem to fix the issue?

it’ll help if i knew where the problem was coming from or what i can do at least or something, i can’t figure out how to make the touch event function better either to make it only update the text of the labels if a new player has joined in a team. the code may be a bit messy but i’m new with this and idk what methods i can do to make it work correctly.

the game is here…
arena test.rbxl (78.5 KB)

if you want the download to the full working version before these changes i did let me know. all i’m trying to do is make it to where if there was say example the select match be 2v2 then wait till enough players are on the touchpads so say if it was set to 2v2 then it should update the text showing who is on player1 team and so on and when enough players are touching the touchpads then start the match depending on what match it was selected like example 2v2…

show us your script/scripts charcharcharcharchar

the scripts are in that game i gave theres 2 scripts for it and if you wanna test to see whats wrong cause idk how to explain it too good.