Why can I hear a sound globally when I fire a sound to all clients?

Why can I hear a sound globally when I fire a sound to all clients? however the sound is placed in a part that is far away from the player, any ideas?.

local Sound = Sounds.TestSound:clone()
Sound.Volume = 1
Sound.RollOffMaxDistance = 100
Sound.RollOffMinDistance = 10
Sound.RollOffMode = Enum.RollOffMode.Linear
Sound.Parent = HumanoidRootPart

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Before when roblox had emittersize, this was not a problem.
What can I do? The sound does get quieter but can still be heard from 1000 studs away which is strange.

Have you tried using different rolloff modes?

Yes i’ve tried this all of the rolloff modes. Doesn’t make sense how the sounds are heard globally.

I’ve actually experienced a really dumb sound issue in the past as well, turns out it was completely client-sided, so reinstalling Studio did the trick for me.

Might not hurt to try it for yourself.

Or, you could send me a repro game and I’ll test it for myself when I get the chance.

Roblox still has EmitterSize, that’s what RollOffMinDistance is.

Sounds more like your issue is relying on PlayOnRemove to play a throwaway sound. Additionally because you’re running Destroy immediately after, it could be possible that the sound doesn’t acknowledge the part as the sound’s propagator yet so it plays globally instead.

Consider destroying the sound after it finishes playing, maybe? Instead of Destroy:

Sound.Ended:Connect(function ()