Why cant I clone player arms?

Hello, im making a FPS frame work and im wanting to get the plays arms. I have it all set up but I cant seem to get the players arms. Im using player.Character:FindFirstChild(“Right Arm”):Clone().Parent == viewModel but it keeps erroring: Attemp index nil with “Clone”. Why cant I clone the arms, and what am I doing wrong? Thanks

Make sure the game is in R6, not R15.

Its is in R6 I dont know why its not working


player.Character:WaitForChild("Right Arm"):Clone().Parent == viewModel

image this is the error

You know what’s weird is I tried this and it never worked. Huh weird…

Never mind still doesent work now it says .Parent is not a Boolean??? I need help

New error

The clone isent going into the model viewModel

Are you allowed to show any code you a using to do this? Since all of these are errors that would require seeing the code to get an understanding of what may be occurring.

Here you go

Arm R is the issue in the code

Have you checked that the arm is archivable? Since if this property is set to false it will return nil. It’s an easy fix and all you need to do is set this property to true.

More information linked here.


Thats was it!!! Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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