Why can't I create Badges in a group even though I have "Create group items" permission?

Hi all,

Let’s just get straight to the point:
I’d like to be able to upload badges to a group game that I am a co-dev of (not the owner of the group)

When I go to upload it says “You do not have permission to manage badges for this experience.” even though I have the “Create group items” and “Edit group items” permissions turned on. The only permission I do not have is “Spend Group Funds”, could this be the reason, since after uploading 5 badges you have to pay for them?
I’ve tried uploading multiple ways including : In-studio, on creator dashboard and on Create - Roblox with no luck on any.

Since the owner of the group is going away next week and I’m going to be incharge of updates, I need to be able to upload and create badges,
anybody else know a work-around?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Sorry to revive this topic, I’m posting for anyone else looking for the answer. I had the same question and couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

I created a role in a group I own and gave it every permission except “Spend Group Funds.” I gave that role to my friend and had him try to create a badge and it wouldn’t let him, even though you can create 5 free badges per day. I then switched the permission on and had him try again and he could create badges at that point.

tl;dr: yes you have to have the “Spend Group Funds” permission to create group badges if you’re not the owner

I think it’s a bit annoying seeing as though they made 5 badges free per day, but I kinda understand that roblox systems are a pain to adjust. I think the entire group system needs a revamp to be honest. Obviously there’s this with badges, but also there things like dev products and sales, you don’t have a transactions tab like you do for personal sales so you can’t actually keep track of individual sales from group store/game passes in one place.

Just to be clear for anyone else reading if you want anyone else to make badges in your group they must have the “spend group funds” permission, even if they only want to make the 5 free badges per day :roll_eyes:

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