Why can't Lighting.Technology be changed via a script?

Greetings! I am wondering why I cannot change Lighting.Technology via a script. It is a very weird decision made by Roblox.

Is there maybe a workaround? Let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Probably not arbitrary, maybe they don’t think anyone would want to change the Technology at runtime, therefore don’t make sure the code is compatible with .Technology changing while the game is running, and to stop weird rendering bugs, they’ve locked it to edit-mode only.


It is not a scriptable property, which means it cannot be set via script.

OP is probably asking why it’s not scriptable.

It would be a good optimization setting…

Bro’s a bit late

Just use game.Lighting.GlobalShadows

Yeah I’m just a little bitty late, I’m using global shadows now but compatibility gives more fps than global shadows, so thats why I was let down