Why cant we access coreGui?

Hi just me being curious and trying to get some questions answered,

I’ve been wondering, why cant we access CoreGUI? Since we cant access CoreGui why doesnt roblox create a base anticheat? Since we as developers cant access the coreGui roblox themselves should check if a boatload of descendants was added to it and kick the player or notify us in some way…

You can’t access CoreGUI because then you could do fun things like maliciously spam reports, delete the escape menu to prevent people from leaving the game, and so on and so on. Roblox does have a ton of base anti-cheats, but they don’t do a whole lot of client side anti cheats because they don’t work. Roblox has done it in the past and the day after it was worked around so that it couldn’t be detected. Exploiters use CoreGUI for convenience only, it is not a necessity.

Because clientside anticheats are inherently ineffective. Even if Roblox had some magic anticheat that couldn’t be disabled and kicked players that inserted stuff into CoreGui, the exploiter could just draw their guis completely outside of Roblox.

But if we cant access these things in studio why does ROBLOX let the player in game have access too many different things and not care. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t make sense how much raw power Roblox actually gives the client.

They do quite a bit behind the scenes to prevent exploiters, but it’s client sided, meaning that it will always be bypassed, period.

Ah, I see thank you for your help!