Why did I get an error when I upgraded roblox today?

Don’t scold me, I don’t know what category to put the topic in.

How to fix it?
It can be installed after several attempts

An error occurred while starting Roblox

Details: InternetQueryDataAvailabe failed (https://s3.amazonaws.com/setup.roblox.com/version-758ce9d32bfd41b2-RobloxApp.zip) [IP = xx.xxx.xxx.xx]. Error: Operation completed successfully. (0x00000000)


Actually, you had nothing to worry about… I accessed the IP through VPN and it seemed to just redirect to that Amazon link. It wasn’t your IP, it was just the Roblox Amazon thing.

I’m not sure why you’re getting this issue, but you can try reinstalling Roblox.

If that doesn’t work you can go directly to this link:


Download the zip file from there, and extract it. You should find a file named “RobloxPlayerBeta” inside of there. You can drag that file to the folder in: C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-758ce9d32bfd41b2
(if you can’t find the AppData folder, press “Windows + R” and type %appdata%)

You should get a popup that says something like: “RobloxPlayerBeta.exe” already exists in this folder, what would you like to do?
Click the replace file button and wait until it is done

After doing that, you could try running Roblox again

it worked[ABCDEFGH]

It didn’t work for me, please help