Why do members get demoted to visitors?

I’ve seen a few users on the devforum which posted in the past (so they were members back then) but their names became greyed out, indicating they’ve been demoted.

So I’m wondering:
What are the reasons to getting demoted (other than forum rule violation, temporary demotion for issues with an account etc.)?

That would mean (if I understand correctly) that they have been removed from the devforums due to breaking a rule or being terminated on roblox.

the ending:

A really long time ago this used to be run as an open forum (ironnoob days), at one point they closed the gates and I can imagine they either kicked everyone out and had them re-apply or they just kicked people that didn’t meet the criteria of membership back then.

Yeah so I’m saying I don’t think there is any other reason really!

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Yea, I can understand that.
But I’ve seen a user recently - which I recall to be a good standing developer - being “greyed out”.
So I’m just not sure if he violated the rules or is there anything more to it that is worth knowing.

(I don’t want to point fingers either)

Don’t know if this is the case because I don’t don’t know who you’re referring to, but if you ask in the discord it may turn out that user wasn’t actually in good standing.


Neither of these happened to my knowledge. I know of someone who joined in the days of when it was wide open, and kept their slot after the point in which they closed the forums off. It was sort of like they were “grand-fathered-in” for joining early. As of only (somewhat) recently have they showed their usefulness in being apart of the DevForum Criteria. But then again they did have quite a ton of luck with ROBLOX, so who knows. Maybe just chalk up another lucky break!

Is the Discord only for site Members, or for Basic Users too? I haven’t really seen the link to it anywhere.

As of now, members only. Trial users will need to wait until they graduate from the program.

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I figured so, but couldn’t find sufficient evidence to a yay or nay anywhere. Thanks!