Why do my games get poor ratings only when I sponsor it?

My game is getting very poor ratings after release, yet all of the players in the game tell me they love it. Is it because some people think it’s a blatant copy of RVVZ’s Creeper Chaos and don’t realize it is a fixed version of the original 2009 game?

Many other people have experienced this problem, and it is lowering people’s expectation of the game and causing my player counts to drop. If you have a solution or at least constructive criticism, please reply.

Your game has no tutorial and the people who most often browse the front page are probably toddlers on a mobile device looking for random games to play. They join your game and are greeted with two foreign tools and a timer at the top of the screen.

They’re probably gonna leave because they’re overwhelmed and if they’re feeling violent they’ll leave a dislike on the game. Not all of them will, but enough to outweigh the likes you get.

The people in your game that you ask are gonna like it obviously because they’re playing it—they’re the ones who figured it out and didn’t rage quit.

This is just my thought about what it has to do with sponsoring.

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