Why do player and dummy move differently? And how to fix it

So basically i want to make a system where if i hit someone my character and enemy will move in some direction. But when I run it, they move differently(I already tried to run physics on client, using replicator, but it didn’t help actually)


	local Attachment = Instance.new("Attachment", ehumrp)
				local LV = Instance.new("LinearVelocity", Attachment)
				LV.MaxForce = math.huge
				LV.VectorVelocity = humrp.CFrame.LookVector * 15
				LV.Attachment0 = Attachment
				game.Debris:AddItem(Attachment, 0.1)
				game.Debris:AddItem(LV, 0.1)

				local Attachment1 = Instance.new("Attachment", humrp)
				local LV1 = Instance.new("LinearVelocity", Attachment1)
				LV1.MaxForce = math.huge
				LV1.VectorVelocity = humrp.CFrame.LookVector * 12.5
				LV1.Attachment0 = Attachment1
				game.Debris:AddItem(Attachment1, 0.1)
				game.Debris:AddItem(LV1, 0.1)

Do you mean as in Animations, or Network Ownership?

They are the basically the same thing but one of them has Loaded Accessories

Ig I need network ownership, because the problem is clearly in some network service(i am owner of the server and it’s not laggy for me, but for others it is). So can you explain me why the problem is happening?