Why do you think my ad has small CTR?

My ad ctr is around 0.70%
I describe some good things about the game.

What factor causes it to have low ctr?

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The CTR is not too low to be honest.

A little too much text, though I do like the style of the words and all.

The cars look very off, and I’m sorry if this is insulting but it is probably the way the cars look.


I agree with @Ty_IsHomeSchooled, that’s not that bad of a CTR. However, here are a couple things that you might want to add:

GFX. Get some better, smooth graphics on that add instead of using a drawing. It attracts a younger audience to your game, therefore attracting more players.

Secondly, don’t put terms that you think an 8-year old could never understand. Physics is probably one of those things. Add slang words like cool and awesome, something that would attract a kid’s attention.

I like the tag line (green text), and I feel that this would attract some kids. Go ahead and put more emphasis there, as that is the central message. You want people to think that this is an all or nothing venture, make them feel like they have to try it so they can win.


8 yr olds play with their parents though generally

I’m not sure where you got that fact. Sometimes parents watch over their kids, yes, but I’ve seen younger audiences play Roblox without parental guidance.

Why would this concern you though? Unless your game has blood or something that might concern a parent, you should be fine.

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My game includes bodies with shirts having blood on it, and zombies, hope parents won’t find me

That’s the case where while you can still go for a younger audience, try being sure to make it like, attractive for like 10+. Else…

the lawsuits will be coming for you… no joke some parents sue roblox for these things.

Wait, if i used free zombie models, and free blood models etc.
Do you think this could be problem?
I hate censore on internet and won’t change my game cause of mad parents obviously.

Like I said, Roblox allows these things, even if they are less attractive to a younger audience. Just know the limits. Mild blood spray, or mild blood stains is fine. Enough blood to take a shower, and then we have a problem.

Oh, no, oh no, oh no no no no,
The people that played my obby has age 18+ in data, sadly i know 90% of “18+” roblox players are kids.
Maybe i will have to change some things,
Sorry for going little off topic
Thanks for the disscusion System502!
It was nice to meet you

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There are many factors when it comes to receiving a low ‘CTR’ normally it can come down to people don’t find your ad appealing, or it isn’t targeting your audience. I would experiment with a few ads and see which one receives a higher CTR, try making your ad descriptive and eye - caching, make it have information on what players will be expecting to see.

Your game needs to be interesting giving small amounts of information about the game in the ad rather than just clicking on the ad and leaving it after words. For example, your ad is quite not attractive or interesting if it’s a racing car game ad small text straight forward.

Make the ad stand out. As of now it just shows a few vehicle racing, but it doesn’t feature those important elements that make it appealing. Pretty much experiment/test with different designs instill you get something attractive that performs a higher ctr.

Your click through rate is not really all that low. It’s a solid ad. However, if you are still looking for ways to better your ad, I do feel like your ad has some room to improve.

The ad has a lot of text - it is unlikely someone is going to read everything that you have written and then decide to click on the ad. Try and keep it concise and powerful with your text.

The ad does show the cars in motion, but it is not a super exciting, eye-popping action shot. Maybe a close up of a car chasing down another car. As always in graphics design, when in doubt, move closer.

You already have a strong ad and solid CTR. I am being very critical. I hope my feedback is constructive and helpful. :hidere:

Here are examples of some of my favorite ads that I use myself.

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