Why does every light image I make have this outline?


It’s a black ugly outline and I can’t seem to get rid of it unless i make the color of the image the same color as the outline. I don’t want to know how to make the current image I’ve shown completely white what I want to know is how I can prevent the outline from being dark when it comes to light icons.

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what program are you using to make the image? Photoshop, photopea, powerpoint etc?

I use gimp when making my images, but i’ve also made images with photoshop and from what I remember it had the same result.

can you send the individual png here please?

I can’t but here’s another one that I recently made to test

you can fix this with alpha bleed, here is a medium article that explains it a bit Fixing images in Roblox UI. This article is going to look how you… | by James Onnen (Quenty) | Roblox Development | Medium

if I remember correctly, this can be used to fix it Online Javascript Editor


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