Why does fireball not go to position

The fireball just falls down but then very slowly goes to the position

local BP = Instance.new("BodyPosition")
					BP.Parent = Cloned_Meteoroid

					BP.D = 0
					BP.P = 0.001
					BP.MaxForce = Vector3.new(math.huge,math.huge,math.huge)
					local BG = Instance.new("BodyGyro")
					BG.Parent = Cloned_Meteoroid

					BG.CFrame = Cloned_Meteoroid.CFrame

					local SelectedPos = Vector3.new(math.random(612,786),285.5,math.random(-760,-654))

					BP.Position = SelectedPos

NOTE: I need to make it 0.001 for the “P” value cause it would go through floor if i didnt

Try adding a higher value for BodyPosition | Roblox Creator Documentation its probably very slow because the power being applied is very low

If I do, It’ll just go through the floor

Try changing the Physics Material of the Meteoroid. A density of near-0 would make it easier for the physics to lift.

wdym lift? there is enough power but its just not going towards the right direction

How do you verify that you know which spot is the right position

local SelectedPos = Vector3.new(math.random(612,786),285.5,math.random(-760,-654))

I print it

Yes but there’s a random number for X and Y how can you tell where its suppose to go

i print the position of the part and seletedpos

I thought you wanted it to not just fall down?

As is, the gravity in the world is constantly applying a force that pushes the object towards the ground. Without counter-acting that force, the unanchored object will always be trying to move downwards.

so how would i fix? the density?

The density helps, yes.

But it’s not full-proof. You might also need to apply another force to it. It depends on what physics you have being applied to the object.

But as-is, the easiest way to allow physics objects to affect a part is to reduce it’s density to near-0.

it still goes to the same location

I’m confused on what the problem you wanted to solve was is it still

or is it

I’m confused

So I give the meteoroid a random position, and it only goes down until it hits the floor then it very slowly goes toward the position

I want to make a meteoroid spawn in the middle and curve a little of it falls realisticly

I don’t think you will achieve that effect with what you’re currently doing I think your looking like a parabola

Ok, it works now but it goes too fast

Can i ask what did you change?

I changed the bodyposition power

Then you would just need to lower the power till you find the desired amount