Why does happen when i clone the player

This weird thing keeps happening when i clone the player and im not sure why. because it doesnt happen at first. then it happens


can someone tell me what’s happening?

Also i forgot to mention. When this happens the rootpart isnt there anymore. even know the player it cloned from has one

The script:

function createclone()
local findclone = player.Character.Dump:FindFirstChild(player.Name…“MenuClone”)
if findclone then
local menuisland = workspace.Menu
local root = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character :WaitForChild(“HumanoidRootPart”)
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character .Archivable = true
local clone = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character :Clone()
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character .Archivable = false
clone.Name = player.Name … “MenuClone”
clone.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character .Dump
clone.Torso.CFrame = menuisland.playerpos.CFrame

local load = clone.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.idle)


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Can you show the script you are using?

yea you need to show the script

This issue is that you are parenting the clone to the player’s character. Try parenting the clone to the workspace instead.

I just tried that. and it still happens

I found the solution. i like had this thing where i would weld three rootparts to the player and use them as raydirections. i was too lazy to make a part from scratch. so i cloned the rootpart. that is what was messing things up. thanks for everyone who helped. but it was me being a dummy