Why does in-game look so different than studio?

Not exaclty sure how to word the title, but I tried the best I could

Anyways, anyone else notice how different the studio viewport looks than in-game? below is a picture from studio’s freecam,

Notice how dark it is for one, and the light coming from the cave;

This is almost the exact same angle (notice the terrain shape, and the cave)

In-game has fog-end set to 100, while studio has no fog. Why is this? I am trying to make a dark game and this is limiting it.

Are you testing from studio or playing the actual game?

testing from studio, i just cropped out the actual studio GUI from both images

While testing in-studio, do you have the same graphics settings as in edit mode?

both max (character limit is annoying)

Are you playing on higher quality on the client?