Why does my car act weird when I turn? (repro)

Repro: https://www.roblox.com/library/3058063306/Work-Van

So I’m using this constraint chassis to make cars for my game. It works great, when I somehow get it to work. I’m trying to make a work van with it, but every time I turn (at higher speeds), it spins out of control and glitches.

I’ve tried randomly adjusting the constraints, re-positioning things, changing the weight of parts, and more to no avail. It would be helpful if someone who understood constraints could explain what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile:

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I was hoping this would go better. I still haven’t found a solution. Some input from others would rock

You should make a post about it directly under Fahed’s chassis thread but since you made this one, you might as well as well mentioned him in this thread or send the link to this one in the other one.

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You’re right. Oof. I was trying not to bother him again.

Requested by topic creator, as they re-posted on the initial topic.