Why does my encoded table have slashes in between quotation marks using DataStore2 to set?

Instead of


I get this


I don’t understand. Thanks.

I believe it represents a new table of data.

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What does that exactly mean? ------------------30

Maybe is you Decoded it and printed it you would understand.

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So it was encoded twice. Thanks for leading me


The backslash is there as a string escape.

If you use

local data = "{"Abilities":[],"Particles":[],"Skins":[],"Trails":[],"Powerups":[]}"

You can’t have quotes inside of quotes, which throws an error due to how it’s interpreted

By using

local data = "{\"Abilities\":[],\"Particles\":[],\"Skins\":[],\"Trails\":[],\"Powerups\":[]}"

You can prevent it from happening