Why does my game say it can be copied?

Hello! How can I remove
this in my game? All my new games say this and I have no idea why because I never turned this on. Thanks - BMWLux :smiley:


This is a bug that occurs when publishing games. Make sure to uncheck it in the game settings on the website

Isn’t that KINDA a huge issue? XD very surprised they havent done anything about this hm

Where can uncheck this box? Because I can’t find it anywhere in game settings, hm.

Yes it is. From what I have understood they are working on a fix

It should be under the three dots on the website either in configure place or configure experience i don’t remember in which but it’s one of the two

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Then turn off “allow copying” that should work

What did i say in that post? …

It was a re-iteration. Also, you never said it directly.