Why does my mesh look like this?

I am a noob in Blender, and I’m still trying to learn it. Today I Bisect-ed a Roblox-Made mesh, and I imported it back. But now it looks like this:

Why? And how do I fix this? Is it about UV Mapping?

maybe its in blender? im not experienced on blender as well but ive seen some cases like it

It does look pretty much the same

try look in property tabs maybe it is a property/material

I added another Material but still the same

what about uv maps / textures?

I didn’t add any; just imported a mesh, Bisect-ed it and exported it.

i suggest waiting / asking anyone in other social medias thats more experienced for inspection and send the files

That’s what I was originally doing when I posted this topic.

try removin material? im pretty sure u cant import blender materials to studio

No material. Still looks fuzzy.

can u send me file via devforum?

Maybe try to turn on the DoubleSided?

untitled.fbx (32.3 KB)
Import it using the avatar importer.

Didn’t do anything. I am trying to make the faces look normal, not the mesh being weird.

ok ill see in it blender,if its not ill try to fix it and if it work ill send it back to u

weird it crashes my blender,ill keep tryin btw

did you try mesh importer yet? or asset manager

What do you mean?

okay,so i removed a material. and i used a mesh importer. fine to me
Test1.fbx (33.6 KB)