Why does my script not work?

im trying to make a simple sign that instead of a textlabel has a textbox in the surfacegui.
why a textbox you might ask?
well i want to use a textbox so the player can answer the question thats written on the placeholder text.
but when i type the correct answer nothing happens.
i worked with guis before and thats how i did it so it not working suprised me.

local Box = script.Parent
local Quiz = "12"

	if enter then
		local Answer = Box.Text
		print(Answer)--doesn't even print the answer...
		if Answer  == Quiz  then
			Instance.new("Sparkles",Box.Parent.Parent.Parent).SparkleColor = Color3.new(0,1,0)

If it isn’t already in the StarterGui, you have to put your SurfaceGui inside the StarterGui, then there is a “Adornee” propertie in the SurfaceGui, click it and select the part/mesh of your sign, where you want it to be.
From what i know, Buttons and TextBox are not working when being in workspace.
Also make sure to do it in a local script, as the Text of the TextBox can’t be detected on Server Side and local script also doesn’t work in the workspace.

It’s a localscript?
Are you accessing from startergui? (the script)

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