Why does Roblox have to ban people for uploading anything related to Knuckles?

i think this topic is dead, dont know if it needs extra feedback


This is not abuse.

A budding developer is attempting to contact Roblox with the best tools he has access to, in order to inform them that he is attempting to make an honest usage of the texture above for a game and not a meme. The least we should do is attempt to find a solution to this situation, and not reprimand the developer for making the best usage of the tools available to him.


The problem with this is that with how many people get into the forum as a new member, moderators wouldn’t have time to look into requests from everyone. There can’t just be exceptions for certain people and not for others.


the other problem is that i spent days on this model just to get crushed because roblox bans the keyword “knuckles”
naturally i’m really upset


But is telling a member “do not abuse the Developer Support category” a fair response to someone who was denied by Roblox appeals on a clear case of fair usage of the image?

The concern here is that Moderation Appeals completely overlooked a realistic use case, and this needs to be looked over more carefully.


Using a copyrighted character is hardly a fair usage.

No one wants unfair moderation to occur though. If there was a way to give all developers access to better moderation, it would have been done. Development support is not the place for this.

If you have an idea on how more people can reveive better moderation, have at it in feature requests. But again, this isn’t that way.


Not fair usage in the sense of copyright, but in the sense of the ban as detailed here.

I fully agree that this is not the way. However, if we can’t even help one simple case, how can we be expected to fix moderation as a whole?

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I don’t think he would be able to find seeing as it’s locked for me ( a new member ) and he’s also a new member.

i saw it before it was member only, i know ugandan knuckles is banned, but was i uploading ugandan knuckles?

Thanks for your comment.

This thread is not in the right category and the developer acknowledged this, as such it is abusing the category. It is in Design Support, which is for design-related development questions. It is not to put complaints about moderation or to ask for moderation reviews to take place.

I have already informed the developer about the appropriate steps to take privately when I posted my previous response.


except none of those steps work


Please see these resources:

If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to send me a private message.


Development support is for asking for help on topics directly related to development on Roblox. An asset being moderated isn’t directly related.


Thank you for that information. I hope I didn’t come off as rude in my original reply, but I feel like we should be listening more closely to the needs of these Upcoming Developers in our community.

Despite the uncanny usage of this category, we should find a way to provide for better channels to deal with these issues.


i wish there was a way to contact staff instead of bots


You could message @Nightgaladeld or @InceptionTime via private message on devforum…

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thanks for the help, though if i could delete this thread before i would’ve

This is indeed the wrong category to post this in, and being that you do not have access to the correct category, buildthomas is correct in saying that this is an abuse of the New Member role. However, I have reached out to see if we can have the ban lifted and the asset allowed on the website, as I believe this was in error (note that I am not on the moderation team so my thinking here may not be in line with the moderation team’s policies). Regular Knuckles is allowed, to my knowledge, while Ugandan Knuckles is not.

Additionally, you should try using https://www.roblox.com/support in the future instead of emailing directly as the support page is the official system for receiving help from the Customer Service team.

Edit: I’m told your ban has been undone. :slight_smile: