Why does roblox say the mesh has 10k tris, when blender says it has less than 200?

pretty simple, I have a mesh here, but the tri count is 416
but roblox refuses to upload it since it’s “over 10k tris”

another part of blender that says the tri count:


Am I doing something wrong maybe? I’m exporting the selection and it still says over 10k

Do you have any hidden objects in Blender? (Alt+H will reveal them if so) Blender exports everything in the scene by default including hidden objects so there could be hidden objects getting exported along with the original


I suggest when exporting to export selection only. (It’s an option in Blender when exporting)

Should solve the problem.

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I tried that and it’s still giving me the error

The only thing that was hidden is the example image which i’m sure didn’t get exported since I exported my selection only