Why does the angle go back down once it reaches 90?

Hey, I’m trying to get my arm to follow my mouse on the X axis, and i finally got it working but problem is that it wont go all the way up and it seems to just stop and go back when it gets to 90 degrees

my code

arcsin is only defined between -1 and +1 and its output is from -90 to +90 degrees.

Why not just do

rightArm.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(root.Position, root.Position - camera.CFrame * Vector3.zAxis, Vector3.yAxis)

Uhh I tried this and the arm is just gone

Assuming angle is supposed to be the angle between cameraLookVector and v2, you need to use acos() not asin().

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Yeah I tried that too and it gave pretty similair results sigh