Why does the player's character need to be loaded to parent somethign to Backpack?

I was trying to write a script that gives the player a tool every time they join the game. Except it wouldn’t work so I researched and I found out the Character needed to be loaded to add something to the player’s backpack. Can someone explain why this is? If the backpack is located in the player why does the character need to be loaded?

Can you past the actual code so I can edit it for you.



The answer to your question is written in the API reference page itself:



You can just add the tool to the StarterPack instead, you don’t need to write a script

I want the player to only get 1 when they join, not every time they reset.

So basically at the begining of the game the tool does go in the player’s backpack, but once the character is added that counts as a death so they add a new backpack where there is no tool?

That is most likely the case, it just creates a new backpack when player respawns.