Why does this form cuase so much performance issues

my average ping in other forms is 60
but when i trasnform into this one it jumps to 160
and the script usage on the server looks like this

as you can see flat then as soon as a trasnform it sky rockets
well this form as a alot more going on but it should not this high
is there anyway to make the script not hog up as much resources from the server
this creates visible feedback lag
to say one if the attacks hangs then sudenlt skips a part of the animation to cheach back up
when using attacks my ping jumps over 200

this is a showcase video of the form this was taken from studio where i have no ping issues
but with the client even single player it has no issues
idk why roblox player has ping issues

screenshot of ping while not attacking
when using attacks
you can watch the video to compare the Performace issues

@DEVLocalPlayer i need help once more dude