Why does this union keep spinning like this?

I am assuming this is because, by default with it’s orientation at 0,0,0 the model would look like this:
Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 12.10.49 PM
So whenever I start the game, it tries to get into this position. How do I fix this?

I would suggest using a model and welding the parts together instead of unions because it can create a lot of problems like these and you can always go back and change something if you needed

It’s impossible to do that (or at least super hard) as this union contains 50+ parts. Unless there is a way to weld at once

Can you please give me a link to a tutorial to do that?

you can just use a fm script, it should be fine as long as it is highly used so you know it doesn’t have any viruses

It keeps moving because the water is pushing the Union to fix that Anchor the Union if you didn’t already do that, if it still don’t work I suggest you using Blender Software and make a Mesh, if any of these 2 soltutions work, please make sure to mark this as a Solution.

I need it to be unanchored though.

what is an FM script? I don’t know.

Oh, the size and the parts count inside it matter then, try using Meshes as I said cause its basically One Part you can easily do that by importing the Boat into Blender and Exporting it back, there’s tutorials too if you don’t know how.

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edit! I have found a much easier way to do this, all i needed to do was change the primary part :smiley:

By the way the reason for the model doing what it did(the spinning stuff) was because of the fact that the water has buoyancy and how the boat was originally oriented, caused it to create a buoyant rocking effect.

Is there any way to disable that effect?

Not really, as the water will always have a buoyancy effect, your best way to do it is to get the models orientation correct, and have it set right side up over the water

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Because of it’s mass, unions also have different orientation than normal parts

You need to design boats in Roblox similar to boats IRL, but not always.

  • The center of mass needs to be below the center of buoyancy. The farther below, the more stable it will be.
  • Play with different Custom Densities on different Parts of your boat. Using a WeldConstraint to attach a very Dense keel part under your boat can work wonders, and the WeldConstraint will allow you to move the keel around for the best balance without having to reattach it again.
  • There has to be enough buoyancy to keep the Part floating.
  • While the place is loading during testing boats are very unstable when humanoids jump on them. Give it until the water changes it’s physical appearance from kind of reflective to semi-transparent, then hop on the boat.
  • Boats made of just Parts seem to be more stable since each Part is reacting individually to the water. Boats made of Unions seem a little more unstable, and boats made of MeshParts seem to be even more unstable than that in my experience.

You can accomplish this by using a plugin.

FM script stands for Free Model script
U can just search it on toolbox if the way u have found is producing lag or somehting else

Overall, I highly recommend using Blender. Using 50+ parts for a boat is very unefficient.

Not with a plugin called king’s unionized triangle manipulator. It only took me around 20-30 minutes to make the model

maybe for aesthetic reasons, model the boat in a 3D software like blender. it will look cleaner and will be more customisable