Why doesn't InsertService insert free models the player doesn't own?

This may not be the right subforum for this but I can’t find anything else.

So for a long time ROBLOX hasn’t let InsertService insert models the player doesn’t own (I think this happened around 2013, not sure). I thought this is a good idea, considering players could add in viruses or crashing scripts, but then I realized something not-so-well-known: You can still access the XML and LZ4 files for each asset (e.g. http://roblox.com/asset/?id=10835/ for XML). Now, these files contain all of the information specified in a model, so all that would have to be done is to write a (LZ4->)XML->Model script by an ambitious user (me). My question is why doesn’t InsertService just let you insert these anyway? The data is right there. It seems like writing ~500 lines of parsing code just to paste in those assets is a really faulty way to go about things.

I’m just saying if I go through with this I don’t want to get 400 lines in, post this, and then get blindsided by an update that makes all of my progress rendered useless all by ticking one flag.

EDIT: Okay, that’s weird, you have to remove the slash for the url to work. How finnicky. Also it auto-downloads the XML.

That sounds more like a complaint rather than something you need support with, Make sure to mention a top contributer to move your topic to the right place.

My bad, I can’t find either: a suggestions forum or a documentation request forum. Maybe my account is locked.

Its just that NewMembers don’t have access to them, Hence why i told you to mention a Top_Contributer to move your topic.

I don’t want to bother anybody, I think I’ll just delete my post and wait until I have enough good boy points to post in Doc Requests or wherever the suggestions thread is

I can’t delete it ;;

You’re not bothering anyone, @buildthomas Mind moving the topic to the correct forum?

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Thanks for the heads-up. Please see the second paragraph of the rules thread for more info on how to file bug reports as a new member:

If you send us a message we can help you format it as a bug report.

Closing this thread for the time being.