Why dosen't my walkspeed set properly?

local Module = require (script.Parent.RoundModule)

		local speedstat = char.IntValues.Speed.Value
		local speed = speedstat*0.75
		char.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = speed
		table.insert(Module.plrs, char)

I need to set the walkspeed depending on the speed stat the player has, when I check the player in explorer it sets the walkspeed fine (in this case its 7.5 because 10x0.75) but asoon as I make a movement the walkspeed sets to 14. I’ve tried adding different values i.e 5, 20, 15, 1 and each time it sets fine, but when I move it sets back to 14.

you store them or the stats? In the player model or in the player, because the you go in the player model

Try using plr (you will probably need to add a .MyNameFolder after the .plr)
In addition, you say that it always returns to 14, but these logic because you play locally, you have to change it with another script or go to the server mod (I am not sure the server mod will work)

What is

equal to?
Also is there any errors in the console?
What value type is Speed?

I figured out why it dosent work thanks.