Why i can not watch the video?

It could be loading. Or, it could be the fact that it might have been deleted. What browser are you using?

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1 ) it happens on every video that is uploaded on devforum
2 ) i am using Opera

Try refreshing the page. You can also close the browser, and then go to the DevFourms. Try if those work.

I just found out that is happens on some videos.

Did some videos load, and was ready to watch?

Yes, some load some not.

Did you follow the steps I provided?

Yes, all of them.

Okay. Did you have some extensions enabled?

No, I don’t also look at this.

Could you provide a link to the video(s) in question?


I can see them fine. Does switching browsers help?

I see them okay, too. Reporting the bug can help.

I will open Microsoft Edge.

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That could help.

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Try refreshing the page.

It works on Microsoft Edge.

Oh, ok. You don’t need to refresh, then.

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