Why is Hebrew chat entirely filtered?

Hey everyone,

I would like to know if the following is possible [ and not against ToS].

I’ve been working on a game, and part of it is obviously the chat. So I managed to make the hebrew chat work properly and type the words in the correct order, however I wanted to know:

Since some players accounts that will be playing the game, are under 13, it means they obviously have safe chat. Now - I’ve discovered that it tags every hebrew word for uses that are under 13 [and have safe chat]. And I wanted to know -
How would I make it, so that - those players would be able to see and chat in hebrew BUT not be able to swear / watch bad words [obviously, I want to do that while keeping the game safe for them].

Because, those players want to chat with their friends and other people in Hebrew, and because they have safe chat - it sadly won’t let them. Tho, I’ve seen a game where everyone can type in Hebrew there [but can’t swear / say offensive words - it would tag those words]

It is possible programming-wise, but I don’t know if it is against ToS. I don’t think Text and Chat Filtering (roblox.com) would be of any help (since you likely already have tried using it). So someone else will have to comment on the ToS issue.

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local chat = game:GetService("Chat")

local functionId = "FixHebrew"

local function doFilter(speaker, messageObject, channelName)
	local reversedWords = {}
	for _, word in ipairs(string.split(messageObject.Message, " ")) do
		table.insert(reversedWords, 1, word)
	local empty = {}
	for k = 1,#reversedWords do
		if not table.find(empty,reversedWords[k]) then
	messageObject.Message = table.concat(empty," ")
	empty = {}

local function runChatModule(ChatService)
	ChatService:RegisterFilterMessageFunction(functionId, doFilter)

return runChatModule

I currently have this script, which only ‘fixes’ the hebrew on my chats, so that it now types hebrew words in the correct order.

Yeah, I need somehow to make it so everyone is able to type in Hebrew there - but with limits , meaning - they are not able to curse/say bad words - so at least that would make it safe.
Currently it tags the hebrew words for <13 users, and that’s kind of annoying. My game is supposed to allow that language.

I’ve tried multiple ways, sadly failed.
I obviously take this into consideration:
-Not removing filter chat.
-Making sure nobody can curse / say offensive words.

Removing bad words should be easy, you are likely going to do a better job than Roblox at it tbh, but the issue is if people manage to bypass it, since then the blame falls on you rather than Roblox (even if they would have also failed).

If you are going to remove filtering (which I don’t know what ToS thinks of that), then you should be sure that it won’t be possible to bypass it

No, I won’t remove the filter obviously - this would cause my game get closed quickly.
I somehow need to leave that filter, but also make sure it will let players chat in hebrew but without letting them curse. [if I removed the filter, they would’ve been able to freely talk in hebrew, BUT also to curse and say really offensive words.]

All hebrew words were removed by filter, correct? That would mean the only way to chat in hebrew was to bypass it for hebrew, which would technically be the same as removing it, albeit for only one language.

I don’t think I can be of further help since the current question at hand would be if ToS allows it, which I can’t answer. Best of luck!

PS: Ping me if you need help implementing it after you’ve determined what ToS allows/doesn’t allow filtering-wise.

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If anyone has any further information/help that could contribute to the issue, I’d appreicate it!

You’d probably be best off posting (or having someone post, trust level stuff) in #bug-reports about the Hebrew text issue. It’s a little crazy that an entire mode of communication used by a lot of people is just automatically caught in the filter.

Allowing users to send text to other users that doesn’t get passed through Roblox’s text filter will get your game moderated. Even if you filter it yourself, that’s not complying with Roblox rules.


Yeah, this is a good idea.

Sadly I dont know anyone who can post in #bug-reports

I’ve been waiting to report that for too long

I’ve flagged your post as off-topic and hopefully we can get it moved to Bug Reports.

Hopefully! Thank you. I really think they should take into it and fix it.

Hopefully they move it to #bug-reports , it is annoying that an entire community needs to suffer.