Why is my ad CTR low?

I have an ad for my Speed Run game I ran for 8,000. out of this I got a 0.59% CTR. I’ve heard an average for a decent ad is 1% or higher. image

I want to know how to improve it or get feedback on making a more appealing ad while not clickbaiting or falsely advertising. How can I do these things?


I recommend adding a header in a bright color, maybe even red or purple, that says “Speed Run” in bubble text or something like that at the top. Right now, people don’t know what the game is about. That should help increase the number of people who click on your ad as well as the number of people who proceed to play it.

I had another version kinda like that idk it had a higher ctr but i also ran it for a lot less and it just doesnt look as good to me personally

oh it was only higher by like 6% btw tha could drop

I also like your new ad better, but just overlay the title on top of the desert map in my opinion. I don’t have a great track record with ads so maybe someone else has another opinion they can share.

This would probably get better responses if it were in Art Design Support. A couple things I noticed are that the image quality looks questionable (can use blender to get high quality renders) and there’s a lot of clutter. By trying to squeeze so much stuff into the ad, everything in the image becomes smaller and more difficult to see.

i recommend putting the name of the game in the ad