Why is my Blender model like this

Hey everyone,

I managed to make a little axe model with the blender knife tool. When imported into roblox, it looks like this:

Why is this happening?

(Edit: I’ve seen a topic that fixes this but it’s an old version of blender which I have no idea how to use)

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Your normals appear to be inverted.

Go into edit mode and press alt+N then “Flip” to flip normals.


Thanks, also, do you know how I could extrude faces without it affecting other faces?

Hm, not too sure what you mean by that. Do you mean Proportional editing?
Send pictures if I didn’t understand you properly.

I want to make the blade thinner then the handle.
When I attempt to do that, it scales the handle with the blade.

Oh I see, well there are different ways to do that. Go into “Vertex” selection mode.
Select two verts that you want to merge then press alt+M. There are several options you will get, I suggest center.

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