Why is my cloned character in viewportFrame have collision in the workspace?

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Im trying to make a reflection system, but i’ve stumbled accross an issue whereas i simply could not implement characters into the system. character models in the viewport either collides with the character in the workspace, cause lag and bug the player’s character model or just break the whole thing.

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I tried deleting the humanoid and making all of the parts non-collidable, that led to alot of errors.

I created a function whereas, it creates a new model, clones and parents all of the children of the character model, then parents it to the viewport.

simlar to this

for i,v in pairs (Character:GetChildren()) do
      local Model = instance.new("Model")
      v.parent = Model
     Model.Parent = viewportFrame 


My best guess would be that your viewport frame is in workspace, meaning that it’s children are in workspace too.

If this is not the case, it might be worth making a reproduction file and filing a bug report.


Try inserting a WorldModel to the viewport frame and parent all the model stuff to that.


try adding this before the line

local worldmodel = Instance.new(“WorldModel”,viewportFrame)
worldmode.Name = “Reflection”

and change the Model.Parent line to

Model.Parent = worldmodel

if you were trying to do something else then i might edit this.

Yes they are… its a child of a part in the workspace

Hmm, I wonder why i have to insert a worldmodel…