Why is my game lagging? (Closed)

Why is my game lagging? (Only in studio somehow)

Parts: 275
Code lines: 519

Try the game here (putting it public for a little bit, then closing)

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Doesn’t seem to lag for me, are you sure it isn’t just studio, your device, or internet?

try re-opening studio, had this type of issue happen to me before

I am on a high-end PC with 2 monitors, doing studio on the I think newer one.

My internet is at max

Probably studio

Does it lag for you in-game? (Non-studio version)

he said in the post that it only lags in studio

it goes in sudden lag spikes. I think it might be the campfire

Didn’t see that part, thank you

Outside studio aswell, with the campfire?

have you re-opened studio? are u using the beta version of roblox

Yeah, and it still occurs, ill try removing the fire

Nope, the lag still occurs when I remove the fire

try go to to a different game, and check if that game is lagging too, if it is do:

delete studio and all of its files and re-install it


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If you’re on windows, check task manager performance, and give us a brief description of what you see there.

Opened a baseplate and it is okay, no lag

in the explorer, search for script and localscript, disable all of them and press play

What is task manager?

im a nerd

CoreGui scripts also? or just the other ones

just the ones that you’ve added