Why is my game not showing up on search?

I have recently published a game in order to test it out. However, the problem is that when I search up the game, nothing seems to be showing up. The name of my game doesn’t contain anything common such as “Obby” or “Shooter”, so I know it shouldn’t be mixed up between other games while searching. Does anyone know why this is causing the problem? Whenever I search up the name of my game, called “Dashlands”. I do not see it anywhere on the search page, when I scroll down, I only see random places such as “Player”'s Place Number 1111". Does anyone know why this is the case?


It’s just the Roblox algorithm, once you start sponsoring your game and advertising it it will be higher up in the list. It’s also because your game is new; as time goes on it will be one of the top results.


This usually happens because there are more popular games that have the same keyword/ phrase. Your game won’t appear there instantly.

When you searched up ‘dashlands’, the reason random games pop up is because the players name could be related , their profile or the game description

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bs, i been advertising it for a while now and never shows up. yet other smaller games that have 0 active players always (and no ads) show.


I can’t figure out the search either. It drives me crazy.