Why is my local script not seeing its StringValue Child?

  • I’m trying to identify that I have the string value inside of my local script. image

  • My local script cannot detect that it’s child is there. image

  • I’ve tried; ToolName = script.ToolName.Value , ToolName = script.Parent.AntiCheat.ToolName.Value variants, Moving the variable inside of the for pair, Creating a for pair to determine the ToolName Variable

  • How it goes into each tool; if the tool which is determined through a table variable, is found in a players backpack or active in their player character; the script gets cloned and put into the players tool. There is no issue here; I’ve seen it actually change the value of the ToolName.

Local Script

--//Made By MillerrIAm\\--
local ToolName = (script["ToolName"].Value)
--[[ Yes, this is the line that causes the issue, 
This causes the entire script to become useless.
I have no idea how to fix this at all.]]

I’m absolutely lost, if you can help; thank you in advance.

maybe try using WaitForChild on ToolName, could be that the value hasn’t loaded in yet when the script is running

local ToolName = script:WaitForChild("ToolName").Value
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