Why is my model becoming deformed?

After updating my Empire State building a weird issue occurs where the model looks deformed.

Here’s what the model is supposed to look like, as seen from studio.

Here’s what the model looks like when placed in game.

It’s important to note that this issue only occurs after the model is placed in game. For a little insight, my placement system sets the transparency of every part in a model to 0.5 and colours it green. It also removes any textures and changes the CFrame of the model every mouse update.

This is the only model where this issue occurs, so I’m fairly certain this isn’t an issue with my scripting, rather an issue with the render engine. However, this is just a theory; I don’t actually know why this is happening.


maybe your graphics quality is set to low and causing the glitch?

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Never-mind I didn’t realize streamingmesh was a thing and I didn’t realize I had it on. I’m just an idiot lol.