Why is my project doing so terrible in terms of visits?

I’ve been working on my project (somewhat a hangout-showcase) since november of 2020. I have poured lots of effort into my project and im not even sure WHY is my project doing so terrible in terms of visits (only 207 visits). I tried everything i could to no avail. Can someone give me advice on what i should do?


The game looks great. I know of 4 ways of getting players into your game. If there are any others, people can replay or something.

  1. Make ads for the game ( this requires Robux to do also some design skills for “clickable ads” )
  2. Tags ( this one is lazy, but some times it works. Just put a bunch of words in a pile at the description of the game ) ( Tag spam is usually frowned upon, but mixing in the tags with a good description would work. )
  3. Ask a youtuber to play your game ( this one is kind of a chance thing. Also the thing of possibly bothering a youtuber. )
  4. Make your OWN YouTube videos about your work. ( this is the hardest, but the best one. This lets you get feedback, players, and possibly money from ads. )

Most of these I have not personally tried yet, but if you try I don’t see how it could get worse. Anyways, hope you can get players on your game! :>


Tried most of these except for the 4th one.

  1. paid all i had (200 robux) (trust me, im broke) for an eye-catching AD, got 30 visits and 0 robux back
  2. placed tags in description, nothing really changed
  3. tried asking around influencers to help me out just to be ignored
  4. haven’t tried that yet, i bet it will end up the same way
    Bonus: Made a twitter thread on my game and it got simply ignored

There’s not much that keeps the player to come back or continue playing in general. The active thing you can do in the game is collect coins pretty much. It being part showcase will already bring down the activity but since it’s also a hangout look at what other games have. Sword fighting areas, Animations/Emotes, Small Obby’s etc.


Had a quick play,

I think it’s because there doesn’t seem an apparent interesting/engaging objective - there is not much to do expect for collect coins.

If people have something to do which takes them along time, then freinds may join them while they are in the game, adding players and increasing retention.

Showcases tend to not do as well as games in terms of play, and it’s not like it’s a super realistic showcase which has a “wow” factor.

Hangouts tend to need a reason to hangout, may be because freinds are there, but something still needs to be there to draw people in in the first place, keeping them engaged - even if often it is a simple gimmick.

You would be surprised how well social media works. My most recent game (Core OS) has racked up over 1k visits despite the fact it had only been out a few days.

How did I do it you ask?

I went onto Reddit, went over to r/Roblox, and made a post with a title saying something like: “I’m working on an operating system in Roblox”, along with a few images, and a link to the game.

That simple, although luck does have a factor, mind.

(However, it did die down after a while, and since my game could not be considered “replayable” to an extent, it was only temporary).


Idk what exactly happened, but as soon as summer hit my game’s performance dropped. So bad timing may be an issue as well

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go on twitch and look streams that have playing with viewers then try spend some time and build a relationship with the streamer and try putting your game in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

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You will need to be somewhat creative when it comes to marketing your game. Just relying on people finding it will never be very effective. The options mentioned above are good ones. This looks really cool though!

I would ask: why are you looking for visits? If it’s a showcase of your work it’s mostly just used to share your style of development. That sort of game isn’t necessarily made with a goal of a robux return or thousands of visits. I would say don’t think about visits as much and just be proud of what you’ve created!

Sadly, your lucky to have even gotten 30 visits.

This won’t change much since your project is probably not high up on the game search page.

Don’t go for big influencer as they usually only play already popular games.

Remember your competing with other games make sure to state what make your game stand out, don’t just say ‘I just made a new Roblox game, play here: [game link]’.