Why is my scaling acting like this?

Hello, I’m Tal, a Graphic Artist since 2017 and Mini Scripter since December 2019.

Though I have many years of experience with Graphic Art and almost a year of experience with Scripting, I have decided I want to try something new. I went to building. I have been viewing a variety of building tutorials to practice my skills. However, the scaling seems to be a bit messed up. Is there a fix for this?

Here is a screen recording of the issue.
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On the top part of you screen there is a box with ‘1 studs’ writen on it, that value is the value of the studs that will be used for any studio operation
You can change that value to a lower number thus making your scale and move tool more precise
I highly recomend that you always use halved valours for the base valour (1 stud) that means using (0.5,0.25,0.125, etc…)

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Thank you! I’ve been struggling with this for so long.

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Well, that’s no problem at all…

Just as @morniratu have said, you just have to change the number of studs in the home tab

If you bring the value of it to a higher value or a lower value, it will move and scale passed based on those number of studs

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Great, thanks for your help! Greatly appreciated.

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