Why Is My Scythe Only Client Sided?

I was testing a weapon I made. I brought my alt along to see if I could find any problems.
The issue is that the scythe would only be visible to the player that has the scythe.

local Weapon = script:WaitForChild("Model")
local cors = {}
local Mo = Instance.new("Model",char)
Mo.Name = "SwordModel"
local mas = Weapon:Clone(game:GetService("Lighting"))
local SpecialMesh476 = Instance.new("SpecialMesh")
local Part475 = Instance.new("Part")
Part1.Name = "TrueHandle"
Part1.Parent = Mo
SpecialMesh476.Parent = Part475
mas.Parent = Mo	

local M6D = script.Motor6D
M6D.Name = "Scythe"		
M6D.Part0 = torso
M6D.Part1 = Mo.TrueHandle

Here’s the issue :
My scythe is only client sided
How would I fix this so everyone can see it?

And the other players scythe goes off far away

Changing it to a regular script is not an option because of everything else in the script (didn’t show because it isn’t the problem)

Thanks for any help!

Changing it to a server script is a must in this situation. Although your prior code must be locally provided, you have to code this section of your code on the server end. Without doing this, the Scythe will remain client-side only.

How about adding the object from server side instead of client by using game.players.playeradded it’s the only way