Why is my union looks like this?

Hello there is problem with my unions

This is what it looks like without making it union:

And this is what it looks like when its union:

There is some darker parts and i dont want it look like this

Note: UsePartColor is Enabled!

Here is my properties tab:

Thanks for help

Then don’t use unions. I don’t see why you would here. To fix the shading, in the union’s properties, scroll to CollisionFidelity and set it to PreciseConvexDecomposition.

Try changing the SmoothingAngle

Also, why do you need to make that a Union?


The reason I use union is because it looks weird when I add texture to too many parts and so… better to use union.

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Try changing the smoothingangle, as Crazedbrick1 said.

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It works thanks to everyone who helped


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