Why is my web hook not working?

Hi there. I was wondering why this code below isn’t working:

It says can not cast std::string on the line just before the end. Why is this?
If someone could help that would be great and much appreciated! Thanks!

  1. Please don’t use Discord as a logging service.
  2. You don’t have to define “type” (since you’re using the default value) and “description” (since it’s empty).
  3. What are the “unbantime” and “reason” variables? Please show us more code or simply explain what types do these values store. Keep in mind you have to pass strings in the “value” parameter, so for example not an os.time value (int) or os.date (dict, if “(!)*t” is passed as the format value).
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You probably need a web-hook link or channel link?

No. You can clearly see they are using a variable for that. They shouldn’t be revealing the actual URL either.

The error the author is encountering basically means malformed data, so most likely one of the variables are not JSON-serialisable OR they’re not what the server expected to get.

so basically, if the outcome is ban, the script adds the player to the ban table. now, if this was successfully done, the script sends an embed to the discord channel. unbantime is how long the player is banned for, and reason is the reason they are banned for

Move this to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

Yes, but what are their types? What are their values? Integers, strings, tables…?

Their just numbers really. I’m not too much of a scripter myself. Ik a few things.

You forgot to JSONEncode the data. Do this:

data = HttpServ:JSONEncode(data)
HttpServ:PostAsync() -- code

If they’re numbers, then you’ve got to convert them to a string using tostring(variable) (however I doubt you save the reason as a number, however I’m suspecting you may be passing the unban date as os.date() or os.time() - in that case you should convert it to a string, or use os.date()'s format string, which probably is what you want to do).

I’ve also noticed you’re decoding the output rather than encoding the input. You’d want to change HttpService:PostAsync(url,data):JSONDecode(data) to HttpService:PostAsync(url,HttpService:JSONEncode(data)).

Thanks a lot. I’ll see if it works!

ok so it says: HTTP 400 (bad request)

new code:

Im pretty sure roblox/discord blocked web hooks because all of my web hooks randomly stopped working one day, probably going to need a proxy

no they still work fine for me

This usually happens when the URL is incorrect or there is some error in the table. Is the URL correct?

I’ll check. Thanks for the help!

Just a few points here:

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  2. Regarding your issue, embeds do not have a content field. You probably meant title instead of content. Also, 0xFFFFFF is already a number (it is a hexadecimal number). Although it works if you convert it to a base 10 number via tonumber, it works even without the tonumber function

  3. Since discord doesn’t inform you of what’s malformed in the request body you sent, you should always refer to Discord’s Documentation. If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, it usually helps to remove a field from the request and them send the request one-by-one. That way, you can find what is specifically wrong with the request

Hmm, there’s one thing you can do about this, fix the link

Thanks for the advice and help!

Thank you so much! It all works now! Thanks for the help!