Why is that happening with my parameters?

How yall can see there, im sending 2 IDS trought a fire client, perfect until that.

But when it reaches the client, it’s saying VOID, does someone knows why?

Thanks for any help.

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There’s no need for “ShirtID” and “PantsID”, you would just fire Shirt.ShirtTemplate and Pants.PantsTemplate. If you have more questions, feel free to @ me. @Sinner#3829.

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I think that’s intentional? I have never seen that before, which is kinda strange. Are the values still present when printing?

Nope! it always says “nil” in output

I still don’t know why it was returning void, but i managed to get it working. in the “Type” that was just “Shirt” or “Pants” now is: “Shirt421356781” (String with ID)
All i need to do now is to separate ID from String, i did 2 functions:

function GetRawId(url)
    local assetId = tonumber(string.match(url, "%d+") or 0)
    return assetId


function GetRawString(str)
    local Text = string.match(str, "%a+")
    return Text

Now i have ID and String separated, That’s all, thanks for: Sinner#3829 that helped me a little bit in discord :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, why don’t you try diagnosing the numbers and check what their types are by printing type(ShirtID) and type(PantsID)? It might have been something about parameter limitations.